The King Cats NFT — By Kingly NFT | Join The Lair!

KINGLY-NFT (The King Cats Lair)

The King Cats NFT is not merely a collection, it is a culture.

We do not offer JPEGs, we will not sell you merchandising, we will not make fake promises, we will not create a Metaverse, nor a video game. We are a group of artists, who truly believe in Web3. We too have seen dishonesty, scammers, fake investors and burner accounts.

The end has begun.

We all know Web3’s Predators. Some have seen them from afar, others have been been attacked. Scammers, fake investors, opportunists, infopreneurs, followers of the “Under promise, never deliver” motto, the list goes on.

The Web3 Community is seeing a lot of Predators, and not enough Cats. Our ambition is to create a supportive and devoted community. Become a Cat, take part in the construction of the Lair.


Being part of the Lair is to protect Web3. The more we are, the greater our deterrent force becomes.

Ensure the recognition and compensation of artists. Check the reliability of collections and the people behind them. Hunt down scammers (cleansing flight). Share information and knowledge. Ensure no Predators enters the Lair.

This is just the beginning, our community aims to impact Web3 in its entirety.

Fair launch : each Cat costs 0.03ETH.

Intellectual and commercial property will be given in full to the NFT owner.
Our second priority is to have an impact on the real world. This is why $50 000 worth of donations will be paid to in support of the young and upcoming artists and content creators in the community.

You will be able to decide the receiving artists through a vote.

Our MANIFESTO is ready for you to take a look at all the mechanisms and systems of Kingly NFT ecosystem.

💬 Discord: @KinglyNFT
💬 Twitter: @KinglyNFT
💬 Instagram: @kinglynft
💬 Opensea Collection: Kingly NFT
🌐 Website:



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